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Homelink and 202U

As you may already know, since our receiver uses 433.92mhz frequency, it simply won’t work on old Homelink versions in the US, so we never mentioned Homelink in advertising material. But from time to time, customers ask…

3 September 2, 2019
About the Wireless Receiver Kits category 1 September 1, 2019
VIDEO - 202U V5 video tutorials.

Text manual can be boring, so we have recorded several videos to help you use our receiver V5 easier. During watching videos, Please turn subtitles on, since it will show explanation to video. If you still have questi…

12 September 10, 2019
Video - change remote battery & set TX134 dual-mode transmitter's working mode.

Please turn subtitles on, since it will show explanation to video. Note: for current tx-134 models, the steps has changed a bit, see the image below, pay attention to the text with pink background. https://imgur.com/hb…

3 September 2, 2019
FAQ - How to set up KIT-1 as garage door receiver?

First, please make sure you have following A working wall switch - we will need to wire 202U relay output to wall switch A spare 12-24V power adapter - recommended, although some openers have power output you can use, …

2 September 1, 2019
SR-RCS-202U version history

In order to optimize our listings on Amazon, we have moved the version history info here, from product description on Amazon, please let me know if you have any questions, thanks. Version History - A Long Term Product I…

3 September 1, 2019
VIDEO - 202U V4 receiver programming and set working mode

Please turn subtitles on, since it will show explanation to video. If you still have questions after watched videos, please post a new topic in forum, our support staff will answer your questions as soon as possible. A…

3 September 2, 2019
SR-RCS-202U receiver manual

We have uploaded 202U receiver’s manual, you can find it at link below Manual for V5 version: http://docdro.id/eY12WkA — Video tutorials for V5 receiver can be found at https://www.solidremote.com/support/topic/video-2…

6 September 1, 2019
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