Not able to sync Mercedes E350 to 202U

On a 2020 Mercedes E350, I tried programming one of the buttons to emulate button A of the TX134:

  • on the E350, I held button #3 until indicator lamp flashes yellow
  • on the TX134, I held button A until the indicator lamp on the E350 turned green continuously.

At this point, according to the E350 manual, programming is complete. When I press button #3, it turns green as if it were correctly programmed, but the 202U v6 does not respond. It responds to button A from the TX134 correctly.

I then followed the steps from “Storing Transmitter Code” for the 202U, but could not get the 3 flashes from SIG LED, it just times out.

Please advise.

It seems the transmitter code is ok, but 202u receiver side doesn’t recognize the signal from homelink.
I’m afraid that means 202u is not compatible with your car’s homelink.
Currently, if you need homelink feature, please use other receivers instead.
Thank you.

Is there a solidremote receiver that is compatible? Do you have a recommended receiver?

Update: I was able to get the 202u receiver to recognize a universal garage opener emulating Wayne Dalton rolling code, 372.5 MHz. I then tried to sync up the E350 to this opener, and got a flashing green light, indicating that it learned the rolling code, but needed to sync up to the receiver. I then tried to store the code in the 202U from the E350, but never got the 3 flashes from SIG LED.

I might try again with another universal garage opener. Which of the current openers, i.e. Liftmaster, Chamberlain, etc. or learn button color types are compatible with the 202U V6?


The 202u receiver is designed to work with our transmitter only (such as TX134),
I’m afraid it doesn’t work with Liftmaster etc.
Maybe you can check Liftmaster receiver such as 850lm etc.
Thank you.

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