Almost there, everything connected but the Frequency Generator is not powering up

Hi, im using this tutorial.

Tested it with 12V Power Supply connected directly to the Frequency Generator + Piezo Speaker and it worked well.
Now im running the 12V Power Supply through the 202U v6 Wireless receiver as shown in the attached picture. programmed the A button and it all lights up as it should but the Frequency Generator doesn’t seem to be getting the power supply (constantly)
Could it be that the power needs to be programmed to a “hold” mode for a constant power supply ? can you instruct me on this ?

thank you

I see you’re using shared power supply for both our receiver and your device.
Since our relay is voltage free dry contact, you would need to connect additional wires to power your device up.
See below for a simple wiring.


Worked like a charm thanks.
and congratulation for your very well designed and well made UI support forum.
very impressed.

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