Standard 12v DC motor switching

Good day. I am looking to use my 202U v6 to replace my wired remote on a 12V winch motor. Can I use this device to operate like the switch highlighted in the graphic? You can see in the diagram that there are already 2 relays being used for the power to run the winch and I just need something to run as the switch. Relay specs and wiring diagram attached. Thanks much.

|Mfr|Picker Components|
|Coil Type|Non Latching|
|Coil Voltage|12VDC|
|Contact Form|SPDT (1 Form C)|
|Switching Voltage|75VDC - Max|
|Must Operate Voltage|7.8 VDC|
|Must Release Voltage|1.2 VDC|
|Features|Sealed - Fully|
|Mounting Type|Chassis Mount|
|Termination Style|Quick Connect - Multiple Sizes|
|Operating Temperature|-40°C ~ 125°C|
|Contact Material|Silver Tin Oxide (AgSnO)|
|Coil Power|1.8W|
|Coil Current|150mA|
|Contact Rating (Current)|80A|
|Operate Time|7ms|
|Release Time|2ms|
|Coil Resistance|80 Ohms|

Yes, because your existing relay’s coil voltage & current is low, and our 202u onboard relay can handle it.

William, thanks so much for the quick reply. The DIP Switch settings grid is a tad confusing. I want to press and hold A button and have it go one way and press and hold B to go the other. Can you offer the DIP switch settings or maybe you have another grid view of the settings? Is there a PDF that I could download? I am assuming that I would wire the controller Realy1 with NC/COM/NO. Just the one relay, correct? Thanks again

You will need to use both relays, and set receiver to interlock pulse mode, see below.

William, what is interlock pulse mode and what would I use it for? Does interlock pulse mode prevent one relay from operating if the other is active?

Yes, please see manual & video for more details.

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