VIDEO - 202U V6 video tutorials

Text manual can be boring, so we have recorded several videos to help you use our receiver V6 easier.

During watching videos, Please turn subtitles on, as it shows explanation to video.

If you still have questions after watched videos, please post a new topic in forum, our support staff will answer your questions as soon as possible.

202U hardware features, unboxing and (optionally) install external antenna

202U V6 new programming features, true versatile button to channel mapping

202U V6 erase all transmitters codes

202U V6 set relay working mode in standard mode

202U V6 set relay operating mode in alternative working mode (include independent latching & new interlock pulse mode)

202U V6 set timer value in timed output mode - 35 seconds example.

*Please note, in current V6 version, any unassigned button may act as ‘turn off both relay early’ in timer mode, this is by design, and might change in future.
We have made some changes around May-2020, in newer batches, unassigned button will no longer turn off relays in timer mode.
To turn off relay early (stop timer) in timer mode, just press again the button that started/triggered respective relay timer.

202U V6 - reset all settings to factory default