SR-RCS-202U receiver manual

We have uploaded 202U receiver’s manual, you can find it at link below

Manual for V6 version:

— Video tutorials for V6 receiver can be found at VIDEO - 202U V6 video tutorials

Manual for V5 version:

— Video tutorials for V5 receiver can be found at VIDEO - 202U V5 video tutorials.

Manual for V4 and previous versions:

— Video tutorials for V4 receiver can be found at VIDEO - 202U V4 receiver programming and set working mode

If you still have questions after read the manual, please post a new topic in forum, our support staff will answer your questions as soon as possible.

William are you aware that anyone wanting to download the instructions has to sign up with Scribd using a credit card?

Sorry I wasn’t aware of the issue, I’ve uploaded it on another website, hope it works this time.

Here you are, manual for V3 version and before: