How connect an electric 110v motor with 4 wires

I have an electric garage door, I don’t know model or brand, but it has a electric 110v motor with 4 wire, has 3 wires for limit switch (open and Close) and push button for open the door from the kitchen. I need help with the wire diagran to connect it to the KIT-1 202U. thanks

Does your garage door has a controller (opener) ?
If so, you can wire 202U’s output to the push button, see below.

Please note, if your push button is directly connected to motor, then our 202U is not suitable.
Because 202U’s relay can’t handle 110v motor load, it will cause damage.

Thanks for your help.
No, my garage door does not has controller opener.
Eventually I want to install a push botton in the kitchen to open the garage door.
So, I have an electric motor (AC 110v.) with 4 wires, 3 wires from limit switch (open, comon, close) and 2 wire from power (ac 110v.).
I need the diagram wire.
Thanks a lot

Sorry, in this case, our receiver won’t work.
For typical garage door application, our receiver is to be wired to existing door opener.

You will need a opener with more powerful relays to control AC motors, and more complex board handling limit switch signals.

The electric motor plate sign 9 amp. And the receiver support 10 amp. That’s right?

See relay specs below (table 7)

For inductive load, the rating is 6A @14Vdc
Motor is a inductive load.

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