FAQ - How to set up KIT-1 as garage door receiver?

First, please make sure you have following

  1. A working wall switch - we will need to wire 202U relay output to wall switch
  2. A spare 12-24V power adapter - recommended, although some openers have power output you can use, it may not be sufficient on older openers (because they can’t output enough power, our relay will click, but not open the door)

Then, please set our 202U working mode, and program remotes.

Set our 202U relay to pulse / momentary mode, this is factory default (all DIP switches OFF), and program (for example) button A to relay channel 1 (or channel 2 if you would like to use).

If you have questions regarding programming, please refer to video instruction here VIDEO - 202U V5 video tutorials.

Let’s do the wiring.

Wiring has basically 2 parts.

One part is, how to power up our 202U receiver? (by wire from the power adapter to our receiver’s power terminal).

Second part is, how to control wall switch using 202U receiver? (by wiring from receiver’s relay terminal to the wall switch).

I will summarize them in following photo

https://postimg.org/image/pamvgj7id/ (we used some illustrations from Skylink, thanks)

Above image hosting site is down, images renewed below, thanks John for the heads up.

For a simple wall switch disassemble, you may find the video here helpful