WIFI UP/Down Switch

I need to control a win from about 70 feet to go down. The place does not have Internet service but I can install a router for larger range. Do you have the hardware/software that can do that? I can work with 12 volt or 110 volt. Ideally 110 volt but can adjust if needed.
Please suggest a solution. Ideally I would prefer a WIFI solution that I can control from my phone but if needed I could go with RF.

Thank you


Sorry now we only have RF receiver, the Wifi product is discontinued.

Just received and have opened up the 202U Stand Alone Receiver.

Am having an issue following the “Storing Transmitter Codes” to activate the one handheld transmitter. Yes, I have pressed and held the PROG 1 internal circuit board button, and then continue to press the “S” button on the remote transmitter. I can hold the “A” button for 5 minutes, and NOTHING happens. I am completely unable to get the transmitter’s red LED to blink, and, obviously the unit does not accept either remote. I have only done this 2X with the one remote. Nothing has been stored previously, unless you folks have.

I have also switched to PROG 2 and retried the entire procedure to no avail.

What do I do? If I cannot get this to function, I wish to return it.

Your instructions mention making sure the battery is installed correctly. The batteries in the remotes came install. I have not removed or even opened either remote.

Appreciate a timely response.


Jim White
S&W Supply Company, LLC


For programming, please refer to our video here.

Make sure to turn subtitles on, they show instructions.

** For further assistance, please open a new topic, so the OP won’t be disturbed, thank you.