Simple project needs extra unit due to v6 issue

The 202u v6 with individual relay timed mode has an issue that makes it less useful than it could be. If relay 1 is in time mode, then the button assigned causes the relay to operate, and additional presses of the button extend the operating time by resetting the timer - eg if set for 2 minutes, then a press at 1.5 minutes will result in an operation time of 3.5 minutes.
The ‘cancel’ or ‘cease operation’ of the time relay is via “any other button not assigned…” - so with a four button remote like tx134 you can cancel time operation via another button.
Consider: a bus with button a and b using a 202u to open and close door;
and…button c and d to turn on ignition, and crank/start for remote start…
If v6 used a second button press of the assigned button to cancel timed operation,then I could use two 202u units to provide a timed run for remote start, but as it is, I have you use 3 units for this - one unit for the doors, one for latched and momentary for start, and one additional in series with ignition latched relay, in timed mode, to insure the vehicle turns off if left unattended.
This defeats the benefit of lower v6 power, etc. The feature should be changed to use the same button to start and cancel timed operation.
Thanks Tom

Thanks for your valuable feedback.

I will discuss with engineer to see if we can improve this feature in future.

In the meanwhile, you might consider using an external timer module, and use our receiver as momentary trigger.

Thank you very much.

Hi William-
Solution with the change I suggested and total of 2 V6’s is Elegant.
Solution which I currently use with 3 202u’s - of which one must be V6 is “Kludgey”
Solution with external 3rd party timer is much worse and beyond consideration.
Would love to hear that the V6 behavior has been corrected from the strange interaction between the timed relay and other buttons, and made to be a toggle/timer function, which is intuitive and useful.

Thanks Tom, I have forwarded your suggestion to our engineer, and he will test this as soon as possible.

Best wishes,

A big reason I ordered a bunch of new V6’s to upgrade my application was the lower idle power - about half of V5 idle power. Now, with this “flub” of the timed relay feature - I have a net increase of 25% in idle power, instead of a decrease of 50%… This is a very disappointing experience… Couple that with remotes not being compatible - I’m not too happy of a customer :frowning:

Sorry about that…
Actually the “turn off timer” feature is the same between V5 & V6 version?
In both V5 & V6, the “not used” button serve as turn off timer?

Right. Only in V6, with “independent timer” does the timed mode become useful/interesting for my (and perhaps other) applications. At that point, a solution can be theoretically built with “2 each of 202U’s, one of which must be V6”. Sadly, with the “unused button” “mis-feature” - this doesn’t actually work. I understand the “unused button” cancel timer is identical between them. Since V5 paired timing mode wasn’t interesting, it wasn’t an issue. Now that you made timer mode useful, the ?really?broken? method of cancelling timer is coming to the front of the discussion…

Understood, I will ask engineer to work on this as soon as possible.
Thank you.

Solution requirements: Minimum 3 monentary relays, Minimum 1 timed relay.
Details of requirements: 2 momentary for door-open / door-close; 1 timed for “ignition-on”; 1 momentary for “crank/start”
With V6 as it stands: 3 units: Unit X, Unit Y, and Unit Z required.
Unit X Relay 1 Momentary Button A + Relay 2 Momentary Button B - door open with A, close with B
Unit Y Relay 1 Latching Button C + Relay 2 Momentary Button D - ignition-on with C, start with D
Unit Z Relay 1 Timed Button C + (and Buttons A, B, and D to avoid cancelling “ignition on” with “door”
or with “start”
With V6 as it could be fixed: 2 units: Unit X, Unit Y:
Unit X same as above
Unit Y Relay 1 timed Button C + Relay 2 Momentary Button D - ignition-on with C, start with D
No funky programming required, button C shuts off a running car that has been remote started but timer has not expired. Buttons A/B/D have no interaction with C - this is as things should be…

Hi William-
Any update on progress in getting a timed single relay mode without the strange current interaction with other buttons, and instead using the same button that starts the timer to cancel the timer? Thanks!

Due to recent coronavirus, we have to restore production first, then we can work on this after production back to normal.
It will take some time.

Hi William- How are things with the COVID-19 stuff - is Solid Remote engineering / production recovering or ?? Hope all is well, -Tom

Hope all is well with you too, thank you for asking! we are recovering production and I think we can work on this matter early next month.

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