V6 timed behavior

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I’d like to be able to use 2 V6 or later 2-relay units to do the following:
button A - open a (bus) door
button B - close that door
button C - turn on a timed run of “on” for the ignition, second press cancels an unexpired timer
button D - run the starter / crank the engine to start it

Sadly, the current V6 can’t do this - instead there has to be an additional “third” unit used to actually handle the timed “C” - ignition on function.

Solution requirements: Minimum 3 monentary relays, Minimum 1 timed relay.
Details of requirements: 2 momentary for door-open / door-close; 1 timed for “ignition-on”; 1 momentary for “crank/start”
With V6 as it stands: 3 units: Unit X, Unit Y, and Unit Z required.
Unit X Relay 1 Momentary Button A + Relay 2 Momentary Button B - door open with A, close with B
Unit Y Relay 1 Latching Button C + Relay 2 Momentary Button D - ignition-on with C, start with D
Unit Z Relay 1 Timed Button C + (and Buttons A, B, and D to avoid cancelling “ignition on” with “door”
or with “start”
With V6 as it could be fixed: 2 units: Unit X, Unit Y:
Unit X same as above
Unit Y Relay 1 timed Button C + Relay 2 Momentary Button D - ignition-on with C, start with D
No funky programming required, button C shuts off a running car that has been remote started but timer has not expired. Buttons A/B/D have no interaction with C - this is as things should be…

Thanks for your post, and your suggestion regarding V6 timed behavior.

We have made some changes to our receiver, now all V6d receiver have new timed behavior, the button which triggered/started timer, will stop it when pressed again.

We have been shipping V6d receivers to Amazon warehouses since May-2020, but due to Amazon stock manangment, customer might still receive older versions.


Thanks, William - can you confirm that in V6d, the buttons other than the one starting the timed relay will have no effect whatever on the timed relay? That would make this all work superbly! Great news if so!


The button will only affect the relay it assigned to.

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