Receiver Antenna Wire

Im trying to extend the receiver antenna for the 202U unit to the outside of my garage since it’s a metal building. What kind of wire can I use for this purpose and is there a maximum length that It can be? I would need approximately 10 ft to get part of the antenna wire outside

10 ft is a little too long for antenna wire.

An alternative way is to place 202u near garage metal shield, by extend power and signal wires etc.

Ok thanks for the reply. What kind of wire should I use for antenna?

Single copper wire will work fine.


Follow up question. I’m using the 202U to control my garage door. It’s wired in parallel with the hard switch. The switch itself is three position spring loaded to center (up/common/down). The way the remote is wired the common split it on each relay and the up and down leads into the N/O of each relay.

So the way I’d like the system to operate is for only one relay to be active at the time with the other relay not able to be selected at the same time. When I press and release the UP button on the remote, the door goes up and the Down relay is not possible to be selected. This is to prevent damage to the motor with inadvertent dual relay activation. I would like the up button to stop the door at any time when it pressed again. And lastly, I’d like 2 min timers of both the up and down relays. Is such programming possible? The manual is confusing

I see, the “only one relay is on at a time” is possible in following two modes.

  1. interlock latching (manual page 1).
  2. interlock pulse (manual page 4).

It is not possible to combine with timer mode.

Ok what about stoping relay 1 while in interlock latching mode. Is there a way to do that without activating relay 2 and vice versa?

In your videos I saw an external antenna being used. Do you have a part number for that?

Yes, please see video below.

Or refer to manual page 1, the special function button to turn off both relays.

Sorry we don’t have external antenna currently.

One more question, are the limit switch connections active? There is nothing in the manual about those?

Please see below.


Could you please advise how to wire the 202U with this motor diagram utilizing the motor box 24V transformer and limit switch functionality for each relay.

Hello, Could I get a reply to this?

I asked our engineer, it seems your application is a bit complicated that he can’t figure out the wiring.
Sorry about that.

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