Purpose of LS1-LS2 terminals

What is the function/purpose of the LS1 & LS2 blue terminals and a third terminal on the same block.

Hello Don,

LS stands for limit switch, LS1 & LS2 controls relay 1 & 2 respectively, they share a common ground connection.

The 3 blue terminals from up to down can be read as LS1 COM LS2.

For example, when LS1 is connected to COM (by limit switch outside or other sensor) then relay 1 will be forced off, even the remote tells it to stay on.

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Once the relay is forced off with the Limit Switch, does it reset to N/O, such that the next button press (command) will actuate it again, or once the relay is forced off with Limit Switch, does the button need to be pressed once to reset it and again to latch it on?

It is a simple one.
Once limit switch released, the relay will revert back to the state that it should be in (purely by remote control command), without limit switches.