New TX 134's not working on 202u

I just received 6 new TX-134 purchased through Amazon. They are the “new” version as confirmed by your procedures. They are purchased to replace older 2 button remotes that have failed (one at a time over several months) in operating our hydraulic door system equipped with a 202u receiver that is about 10-12 years old.
The receiver will not seem to recognize any of the new remotes after using the prescribed procedure to pair them and verifying that the transmitters are in the correct operation mode for older receivers (solid red LED, not flashing).
Please advise. Thanks.

See below

I followed the recommended procedures (again) today and still had no success. The receiver light either stays on solid when prgrm button held down while activating the transmitter or, with a second transmitter the receiver light will flash a pattern different than the “3 rapid flashes” expected. No results afterward in either case.
Please let me know how to proceed. Thank you.

In this case, the receiver might be too old.
Please either return the remotes or purchase a newer version receiver.

Which current model receiver is most directly compatible with the older 202u? Will there be a simple ‘plug and play’ replacement procedure without re-wiring the entire control cabinet? Will it come with schematic diagrams and instructions for installation?

Currently is 202u version 6, see below.

The wiring should be same as before.

Ordered, thank you. Will post results here for others’ possible reference.

Received new 202u v6 receiver and swapped out for old unit. Simple and direct changeover. New remotes now work as intended after programming to new receiver.
Thanks for the help.

Thanks for the feedback,
And let me know if you have other questions in future.

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