Limit Switch function for reversable motor

I am building a remote-controlled chicken coop door using a small DC reversible motor. I have read the support article on how to use “latch” mode to control a reversible motor and understand how that should be wired.

What I would like to know more about is what the “Limit switch” connector block on the control unit is for. Am I correct in assuming I can use it to connect two limit switches that are positioned to stop the motor when my coop door is fully open or fully closed?

Any details on the limit switch support would be very helpful.

One other question, is there anyway to operate the relays without a remote? In my case I would like to provide a switch in the coop that could be used to open and close the door without remote.


Hello John,

For small DC motor reverse, please refer to this topic simple motor diagram

For limit switch details, please refer to this topic Purpose of LS1-LS2 terminals

I’m afraid there is no manual control currently, all control has to be using remote.

And let me know in This Topic, if you have questions (since those topic are already solved).

We have made a video for programming, here VIDEO - 202U V4 receiver programming and set working mode


I’m not sure if the problem is solved? or do you have any other questions?

Please let me know, thanks.