How to control a simple anti-theft circuit, where button A turns it on and button B turns it off

I have the 202U Kit 1 v6. I need a simple set of instructions on how to set the receiver to simply switch a device on and off. My use is going be for anti-theft purposes. I want the receiver to make/break a wire/circuit coming from a 12 volt ignition switch. Push Button A and the ignition switch works, push button B and it does not. Button A cannot be a toggle-- pushing button A several times in a row can have no effect other than to leave the circuit on. Ditto on button B, multiple pushes of button B will have no effect other than to leave the device off and the circuit open.

I should add that the power supply will be a separate circuit. I will supply power to the receiver by using a hot wire going into the ignition switch. When the ignition switch is turned on, it will supply power to the circuit that I want to control (make and break) with the 202U.


For the programming part, make A to turn on relay 1, and B to turn off relay 1.
You can set our receiver to interlock-latching mode,
program A to relay 1,
program B to both relays 1+2 (so it turns off both relays).
See video below for programming.

For wiring part, if the device is using same power supply as 202u, refer to following wiring photo.

Since the wiring is pretty basic, you can find lots of information online, the one below, for example, shows some samples.

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