Channels reverse after some use

I have programmed channels A and B for the 2 directions of a small motor, A=clockwise, B=counter-clockwise. After a little use, the channels reverse: A=counter-clockwise, B=Clockwise. Then after using the remote a couple of times in this reversed mode, it will revert back to the original configuration. Can you please provide a possible cause.

Would you please open the receiver case, and observe relay leds directly (instead of motor forward & reverse event).
Because in that way, you know for sure if our onboard relay is working correctly.

I have and the lights correspond to the function of the relays.
This reversal has only occurred while exercising the 2 remote
buttons is quick succession… maybe only a second apart (or maybe
even less) while observing the output. It have not observed it
when the remote is used in a normal manner and the buttons pressed
with a longer separation in time.

Which working mode are you using? is it momentary?

I am using the hold mode to reduce battery drain on the
transmitter. Also with more use, I retract my comment about it
not occurring in normal use. The remote button functionality
keeps randomly switching.

For motor reversing application, you will need to use our interlock-latching mode or interlock-pulse mode.

Because when using hold mode, when both relays are turned on, it will cause unexpected behaviour.

Can you please explain these 2 modes. Your instruction sheet
does not describe their functionality.

See video below

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