A single receiver for controlling two doors

Receiver U202U U6d has two separate relays. Can I use pulse mode on both relays to open each door separately? The remotes have a,b,c,d buttons. I would like to use the ‘A’ button to operate the left door and the ‘B’ button to operate the right door.

I intend to put the relay #1 in parallel with existing left door wall momentary switch and the relay #2 in parallel with the existing right door wall momentary switch.
I would expect that the remotes (either of the two) to operate the left door with its ‘A’ button and the right door with the ‘B’ button. Will it work this way? If not can it be made to work this way? If so, how?

Does the device have super cap or other means to back up during power outages? What is the best practice in connecting a backup battery (12vdc)?

What is the purpose of the LS1 & LS2 terminals?
What is the purpose of the four-pin white plastic encased connector?
Can you provide a full schematic of the board?
Is the firmware upgradeable?
What are DIP Switch #3 #4 used for?

I have conducted a bench test using two LEDs as switch indicators. I am completely satisfied with the way this operates by programming the a and b buttons to operate relays 1 and 2 separately in pulsed mode. So how does one vary the pulse length? If it is an R-C timer I would only need to replace the resistor with a variable resistor and adjust as needed. Grego51

The pulse length is set in firmware and can’t be changed.

Some answers can be found on manual below.

Sorry we don’t have schematic of the board and the firmware is not upgradeable.

The 4-pin connector is used to output remote activation information by I2C wire.

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