402u receiver needs help

I just ordered and received 402u kit 2 receiver. The two remotes in the box with the receiver tx134 programmed to the receiver. However I bought two extra tx134 transmitters and I have other tx134 transmitters, a total of 6 others and they will not program this kit2 receiver. I have a kit 1 with 6 remotes working on it. This kit 2 will only program to the two remotes that came with it. I’m needing about 6 remotes to work with this kit 2 but I cannot get the other remotes to program to it. Please help. Thank you.

You will need to switch mode on the extra remotes, see below.

I have a 202u kit 1 on a door and since I had to purchase a 402u kit 2 because of availability I need all of my remotes to work both cards. My kit 1 was bought sometime in May 2020. Thank you for any help

The remote can be set to either 202u or 402u mode (but only one mode at a time, it can’t work with both receivers)

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