TX134 Remote Will Not Change Mode

I have a new 402U(kit2) receiver. The receiver and the remotes that shipped with it as well as another remote I already had that was set to the proper mode. However, I have 20 other remotes I ordered separately and following the video instructions (remove battery, push and hold c button, reinsert battery) I am not able to get he remotes to function with the receiver. Upon inspection both the working remotes have the same model number, fcc id, and printed V3 on the board but they have some component differences. What am I doing wrong?

We recently have made some changes, so switch working mode is easier for customers (you don’t need to open the case anymore)

Please try steps below.

  1. Press & hold both buttons C+D on remote for about 3 seconds, until led flashes.
  2. Press & hold button A, the led should turn off immediately.
  3. Mode switched, try on receiver. (also the led will flash when button hold down, instead of led turn on steady).

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