202u v6 how to wire two reverse polarity 12v motorized ball valves

I have two 12v motorized ball valves that are opened and closed by reverse polarity. I want to be able to open one and close the other simultaneously with one press of a button, then reverse them again. If that can’t be done then I’d like to know how to wire it to open and close each valve, one at a time.

Since we only have 2 relays on board, so our receiver can only control one DC motor’s forward & reverse at a time.

Please refer to following topic for the wiring etc.


Do you have a four channel receiver? What receiver would I need to buy to control two?

I’m afraid we don’t have 4-channel receivers, you might need to check other suppliers.

Can this receiver be used to control two of these motors, one at a time?

No, because one motor requires 2 relays.

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