202u v5 will not learn; sig led turns off

I have the 202u unit v5 working with the 2 original remotes that it came with. I am trying to program 2 more remotes of the same type but the 202u does not work as the instructions say.
After pressing the PRG1 button the Sig LED turns off but as soon as you release the PRG button the sig led turns off. I have tried changing the power supply but it made no difference.
The 202u has been indoors and has not been damaged. Why does it not learn the transmitter codes?

For V5 receiver, please see videos below.

I watched the video “202U V5 - Programming Remotes - True Versatile Button to Channel Mapping” and had captions on. I repeated everything exactly as shown in the video but still does not work. 202u does not learn the transmitter codes of the 2 new remotes.

I see, would you please follow the steps below and see if it works?


Hello! Thank you as that solved the problem. You have to hold the C+D buttons together at exactly the same time which will cause the LED of the remote to rapidly flash. Then after 3 seconds release all buttons, then only press the C button for 3 seconds and then release. Finally trying to program the 202U with the remote will succeed.

Keep up the good work!

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