2019 Toyota Avalon cannot operate 202U

I installed a SolidRemote 202U on a Sears garage door opener. Works fine with the transmitters, but I cannot get operate the garage door with my 2019 Toyota Avalon. Since the Avalon transmitter was successfully programmed and operates a Raynor garage door opener, I know the Avalon transmitter is working. The Avalon appears to receive programming from the 202U Transmitter since the Avalon HomeLink LED changes from orange to a fast blink green. However, pushing the Avalon button does not open/close the garage door. Pushing the 202U learn button then the Avalon transmitter button within 30 seconds also failed to get the garage door to respond. Any suggestions?

Hello Charles,
If your Homelink recognizes our transmitter, then it possibly work (although I can’t guarantee it).
Below is our one customer programs on Audi cars,
Training for vehicle remote button
Please check the thread above, it includes programming steps that might help.

Thanks and let me know if you have other questions.

Due to our current receiver design, having two person performing the programming step would be easier.

One person operate the car homelink, the other press & hold 202U receiver learn button & observe LED status.


I tried both press and hold and press and release of the Learn Button on 202U then my wife pressed and hold and press and released the Avalon HomeLink buttons. No response from the 202U after pressing the Avalon HomeLink button again. Kari did not say whether he/she achieved success with the 202U in the Audi or mounted in the garage near the door opener. I have the 202U mounted on the opener and the car positioned just outside the garage. Does the 202U need to be 1-3" from the HomeLink? Does the engine have to be running?

Homelink should work from your distance (if it works).
I’m not sure about the engine, but it should be same as you programmed the Raynor door.

I think maybe check the following.

  1. Try learn homelink with our remote again, and see if still shows rapid green flashes?
  2. Have 202U powered up, After press & hold our PRG button on 202U, then press your (already learned) Homelink button multiple times,
    Very import thing is, does our SIG led flashes?
    If SIG doesn’t flash at all, it means it is not compatible.

Please let me know.

Success, but I do not know what button presses or holds worked. I disconnected the 202U from the garage door opener, got an extension cord so I could sit in the car and see the LEDs and press/hold buttons on both units. I know I was unable to pair until after I erased the Avalon’s Homelink, and I believe I had to program the HomeLink with the remote transmitter then program the HomeLink with the 202U learn button. So I cannot tell you the sequence, but the SolidRemote 202U now works with a 2019 Toyota Avalon. (Here’s hoping they never lose sync.) Thanks for your suggestions.

Thanks for your feedback, and glad to hear it works.

Just let me know if you have any questions in future.