Training for vehicle remote button

I am unable to “train” the remote to the push button in my vehicle. I followed Ram 1500 instructions 3 times and still would not train. Could this be because the frequency of your remote is different from a designated garage door remote?

Hi John,

The vehicle push button is called ‘Homelink’, and remotes needs to be homelink compatible (not just frequency, but codes format etc).

Unfortunately our remote is Not compatible with Homelink for now.

We’re looking to study this in next remote revision (we will try, but no guarantee it will be eventually compatible).

Sorry for the trouble, and please let me know if you have other questions, thanks.

Btw, do you have a compatible remote list (maybe on your car’s manual) ?

Not that I could find. Sorry, but good question.

No problem, it’s my pleasure to help, and hope the homelink feature can be supported soon.

I will mark the topic as resolved for now, just let me know if you have any questions in future.

Please,pleas,please add homelink support. This is the whole reason I purchased this switch! I even tried using the homelink procedure to program a gate opener and it didn’t work. This allows a user to add accessories to their vehicle without having to drill thru the fire wall to add a clean looking hard switch solution in the cab.

Hello Eric, we have tried to add this support, and it now should work in European version of car.

I know this isn’t helpful for you, because in the US the homelink frequency is different from European’s

The root cause is we use 433.92mhz frequency, which is not supported by Homelink US (at least for those pre-2007 versions?)

If your Homelink version is new, then there is a chance that it works…

The other way is we switch to 315mhz, But since frequency is pretty much the base for our receiver, if we changes frequency, we have to change remote control, receiver module, this breaks backwards compatibility.

This problem is indeed difficult, and we will work with engineer to see if we can provide some workaround solution, but we can’t say exact time when or if it will be available.

Thanks, and let me know if you have further questions.

I can’t for the life of me get this to pair with my HomeLink. I have a 2017 Ram 2500, so it should pair. I have KIT1, do I need KIT2 for the Homelink capability?

No, KIT-2 would definitely NOT work.

Right now, I can only confirm our KIT-1 should work with European version of cars (those who use 433.92Mhz frequency).

May I ask, during pairing, does your Homelink got our remote control’s signal (that is, flashes quickly or stays solid? )

I understand you’re frustrated since you need Homelink capability, in that case, I would recommend you return our unit, and buy a Liftmaster or other brands instead (they use 310,300 or 315mhz and surely will work).

Thanks and let me know if you have other questions.

I just purchased the solidremote 202U v5 with model TX134 remotes, and it seems I can get it to very nearly work with my U.S. 2018 Audi Q5 homelink. Everything proceeds smoothly (and consistent with the Audi instructions), but a final step of the setup (see ) is required for “rolling” code devices like the 202U: I’m supposed to press and release the “smart” or “learn” button on my garage door opener (not the remote). Is there something I can do on the 202U that will mimic pressing and releasing such a button (e.g., push the prg button in the receiver)?

From the information at, it appears that Homelink will normally work at 433.92 Mhz, so I don’t think there is a fundamental problem.

Like others, I bought this device because my quite old garage door works well but transmits at a frequency not supported by homelink.

hope you can help. Thanks.

Hello Karl,

First I’m aware of the pdf link you mentioned, but it is for ‘uk’ english, which means it applies to UK version (European car models)…

In US, the commonly used frequency is 300/315/330mhz etc, and old Homelink is not compatible with 433.92Mhz.

But in your case, since your car model is new, so there is a chance it works on 433.92Mhz, so let’s try to see if it works.

If I’m understanding correctly, when you press the remote around the Homelink buttons (during learning process), the Audi’s homelink led does turn green? (which indicates the car recognized our remote)?

Please let me know, if it works in the end, it would be great news.

Hello William,

Yes, just confirming that everything looks good (including the "green light recognition step) until I’m asked to “synchronize”; then there is no response. As I understand it, I should then perform an extra procedure since the solidremote receiver relies on a “rolling” (rather than “fixed”) code. At that point I don’t know what to do because the solidremote receiver doesn’t have a “learn” or “smart” button.

I wonder should I try to directly use the 202U to “teach” the homelink transmitter in my car to recognize it? Should I follow the procedure used to program the TX134 remotes, rather than use the remotes to teach homelink what the code is?

thanks very much for your quick response.

Understood, yes, since our 202U is rolling code receiver, it does require additional step (which is programming Homelink to 202U).

— A little background info

For fixed code, during the first step, Homelink becomes a ‘exact copy’ of your remote, so it can naturally controls your garage (because fixed code garage allows ‘exact copy’).

For rolling code, during the first step, Homelink becomes a ‘new transmitter’ based on your remote (why not exact copy? because rolling code garage rejects ‘exact copy’ for security consideration).

Since, for rolling code, all transmitters must be programmed to receiver, before it controls receiver. Homelink, as a ‘new transmitter’, must goes through the same programming step, as other new transmitters.

In short, after picked up remotes’ signal, Homelink is just another transmitter, and should be programmed like another transmitter.

— background info ends.

So after Homelink recognized our signal (turns green), when you press Homelink button, it just transmit like a new TX134 transmitter, just follow our 202U receiver’s manual for programming.

The 2nd step for 202U receiver should be:

  1. Press & hold either PRG button on 202U.
  2. Press & release your Homelink button (it should flashes green, and transmit signal at the same time).
  3. If our 202U got your signal, our onboard SIG led flashes quickly, then release PRG button on receiver.
  4. Homelink programmed.

The above may or may not work, but please let me know how it turns out anyway, thanks!

Hello William,


the background you provided was very helpful, and yes I just followed the procedure you recommended and it worked. I might note that it either takes two people to push the required buttons (one in the car, the other at the location of the receiver), or you’ll need to bring the receiver into the car with you, at least for a 2018 Audi Q5.

Thanks very much for your exceptionally prompt and helpful responses.

At least now we know the 202U receiver is compatible with one U.S. model car with the new Homelink, which works at 433.92 Mhz. By the way, for the record, the readout on the car’s information panel indicates the garage door: version number 7; status 4; country code 5. I think this is referring to the version/status/country code of Homelink, but I’m not sure.

thanks again for all your assistance.


I do appreciate your recommendation to go with another brand, however I am using this to control additional accessories on my vehicle and appreciate the fact that your box is 2 channels and would allow me to allow me to add offroad lights at a future date.

Ok, so I have confirmed with HomeLink that the Ram supports 288-434MHz and therefore, in theory should work with your box. Unfortunately the Ram does not have an indicator lights for me to confirm nor deny on whether it is receiving your remotes signal. I have been reading the additional posts the gentlemen with the Audi posted and additional steps you must take to program rolling codes and these additional steps are also required in the Ram vehicles.

I am unable to proceed to the 2nd step as the Ram instrument cluster never gives me the prompt to proceed to the next step ( Channel # Trained ) on the instrument cluster, it merely showes (DID NOT TRAIN). I did just realized I was sent V4 from Amazon and not V5 as the gentlemen in the Audi has, could this be my issue? I really want to use your application as I have already mounted it into the engine bay of my truck. Thanks in advance.

To Karl,

Glad to hear it, it is really great news! and yes at least now we know it does work on some models in the US.

Also, the version info you mentioned, is it from the ‘Version information’ menu (at 0:35 of the YouTube video link)?

If not, would you please send me the info from ‘Version information’ menu? because it might have some useful information.


To Eric,

V4 receiver will work just fine (at least same as V5 version).

What matters is the remote model must be TX-134 (we have been selling it for a while, so I think yours should be TX-134, the model number is printed on back cover of remote).

And could you find me some programming video, or pdf manual of your car’s Homelink? so I can check further.

Thanks and let me know.

Yes indeed. The version/status/country information was shown when I clicked on “version information” in the menu you see on the video. It could be some combination of Audi version and Homelink version. I guess you’ll have to ask Audi/Homelink.

You’ve got a good product and great customer support. I suspect there might be quite a market for the receiver since lots of folks probably have old garage doors that Homelink can’t talk to. My advice is to upgrade your “user manual” and provide some of the background and instructions for connecting with Homelink; otherwise you’ll be quite busy answering questions.

Thanks Karl for the suggestion and feedback, yes we will have a dedicated topic for Homelink compatibility information.

And let me know if you have any questions in future.


I do indeed have the TX134 remotes.

Here is a link to a Youtube video with the programming instructions for a 2017 Ram 2500 pickup.

Hers it the copied text from a PDF version of my Owners Manual for a 2017 Ram 2500, which should be the same for all Ram pickup trucks:

Programming A Rolling Code
For programming garage door openers that were manufactured after 1995. These garage door openers can be identified by the “LEARN” or “TRAIN” button located where the hanging antenna is attached to the garage door opener. It is NOT the button that is normally used to open and close the door. The name and color of the button may vary by manufacturer.

  1. Turn the ignition switch to the ON/RUN position. NOTE: For vehicles equipped with Keyless Enter-N-Go, place the ignition in the RUN position with the Engine ON. Make sure while programming HomeLink with the engine ON that your vehicle is outside of your garage, or that the garage door remains open at all times.

  2. Place the hand - held transmitter 1 to 3 inches (3 to 8 cm) away from the HomeLink button you wish to program.

  3. Push and hold the HomeLink button you want to program while you push and hold the hand - held transmitter button.

  4. Continue to hold both buttons until the instrument cluster display changes from “CHANNEL # TRAINING” to “CHANNEL # TRAINED,” then release both
    • It may take up to 30 seconds or longer in some cases for the channel to train.
    • If “DID NOT TRAIN” appears in the Instrument Cluster Display, repeat from Step 2.

  5. At the garage door opener motor (in the garage), locate the “LEARN” or “TRAINING” button. This can usually be found where the hanging antenna wire is attached to the garage door opener/device motor. Firmly push and release the “LEARN” or “TRAINING” button. On some garage door openers/devices there may be a light that blinks when the garage door opener/device is in the LEARN/TRAIN mode.
    NOTE: You have 30 seconds in which to initiate the next step after the LEARN button has been pushed.

  6. Return to the vehicle and push the programmed HomeLink button twice (holding the button for two seconds each time). The instrument cluster display will
    show “CHANNEL # TRANSMIT.” If the garage door opener/device activates, programming is complete.
    NOTE: If the garage door opener/device does not activate, push the button a third time (for two seconds) to complete the training.

Hello Eric,

The most important step here is step 4, and to make our remotes work with your Homelink, it must show 'CHANNEL # TRAINED".

If it only show “DID NOT TRAIN” after several attempts, then maybe your Homelink is not compatible with our remotes.

Homelink version is important, could you please find which version you’re currently using?