Wiring to an old Craftsman opener with separate receiver

I have an older Craftsman opener with a detached receiver which no longer operates. It’s powered by a 24v power source on the opener itself, and has a built-in push button to activate the opener. Three questions:

  1. Per your instructions, the 24v power source on the opener will provide power to your receiver, correct?

  2. Since your receiver doesn’t have a push button, how do I wire a pushbutton so that it will activate the opener without having to use one of the remotes.

  3. I only need one relay to activate the opener, but I presume I can program both relays for pulse operation by setting dip switches 1 & 2 in the off position. In that case, which one (or more) of the four buttons on the transmitter will activate the opener.

  1. Not necessarily, especially on older openers, but you can try using that power source anyway, and see if it works.
  2. You can wire our receiver’s output in parallel to your existing push button, so your push button still works.
  3. You decide which remote button to activate relay, by programming it that way.

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