Wiring remote switch to switching circuit Progressive automation PA-39

I am hoping I can use your remote switch to operate the switching from a wired remote controller unit for like near actuators Please confirm this unit will work


Our relay serves as a simple on/off switch, that connect and disconnect circuit.

May I have more info on the wired controller (you’re planning to use our receiver on) ?

For example, how is the wired controller be controlled?

Here is the manual for the Actuator controller it is a programmable wired remote system. We will be using it to open (2) linear actuators to full open and then closing them to full close. The tech support guys from Progressive automation have indicated the accessory wires are waiting for a short to operate the pre-sets. Please let me know if this is enough information for you.


I cannot attach the user manual, there is a wiring diagram in the product info download on their website

I see, the product link is https://www.progressiveautomations.com/pa-39 and pdf link is https://www.progressiveautomations.com/media/catalog/pdf/PA-39_Product_Manual.pdf I suppose?

After reading the manual, I see the 3 buttons on wired remote is 3 presets?

On Page 5 of the manual, there is also a external switch setup (Preset #1,#2,#3 input switch…).

I guess you can wire 202U relays to the external switch position (to short it), and it should trigger the controller.