Wiring instructions for electromagnetic lock.

Hi there,
I just finished building a cabinet that will be concealed behind a mirror and installed in a 2 X 4 stud wall. I’m using the 202U receiver which will control an electromagnetic lock to keep the cabinet normally locked until I activate the transmitter to cut power to the magnet and open the door. Is it possible you can offer some basic wiring directions with an image if possible and include the best dip switch settings that will allow the magnet to release momentarily or just long enough for the door to open. I purchased a small CCTV 12 volt power supply that will be hard wired to the 202U receiver for power. Since there’s only one electromagnetic lock, I’m using Relay 1 and programmed the remote to work on that relay with button A. Currently, all three of the dip switches are in the off/down position. Any help would be most appreciated.
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Would you please send me link to the electromagnetic’s manual?


Hi William,
Here you go:

Here’s a link to a dropbox folder with hi-def images of the installed lock and receiver.


Please see page 7 of seco-larm’s manual (the wiring diagram).

And see this for wiring to our 202u receiver https://postimg.org/image/7crjhseb1/

If your lock is with timer built-in, you can use our 202u’s default settings (momentary).

If your lock doesn’t have timer, you can use our 202u v5’s timed output settings.

For timed output details, see the video here VIDEO - 202U V5 video tutorials.