Wiring help 202U

I’m new to wiring. I have a 202U v5 I want to wire an led flood light to each channel. Could you help me with a diagram or picture where to attach which wires? They will just be to turn off and on.


Sure, please see this topic for details Need simple instuctions to use 202U to turn light on/off

And let me know in this thread (your own one) if you still have questions.


I’m wiring these lights into a horse trailer. All of the existing lights(tail lights, dome, markets) are grounded to the trailer(through rivets). I’m wondering if the negative- can just be grounded to the trailer also or if it had to be wired back through the trailer plug to the battery?

I suppose all existing lights are powered by your battery?

If so, then the trailer (as common ground) actually is connected to battery negative terminal?

And since it is flood light, please make sure the amp rating is <10A (the maximum value our relay can handle).