Wiring for remotely activated of siren - 110v

I’m trying to use the Solidremote 202U v5 and TX134 to remotely control a siren that is powered by 110-120V AC power. The siren has 2 wires (power and ground). What is the proper way to wire this to the Solidremote receiver? Can I use the power from the electrical outlet to power the receiver? Or do I need to buy a separate 12V adapter to plug the receiver into the wall? I’d like to only use one power outlet if possible, rather than one outlet for the siren and another outlet for the 12V adapter.

Hi David,
I’m afraid you will need to use two different power supplies for siren & receiver.

Because our receiver only accepts 12-24vac/dc, so you will need to use a power adapter (e.g. the common 12vdc type) to supply power for 202U receiver.

Unless your siren is actually a low power one (that use 12-24vdc), in which case, you can share power supply between siren & 202U.


Thanks for this info on the power supply. What is the correct way to wire the siren’s power wire and ground wire to the receiver?

I found siren wiring guide for another relay product, but it works on our receiver too.