Wiring Assistance for 12 volt AC LEDs

I am trying to use your 202U v6 to switch on/off a couple of 12v AC LEDs using a 12v AC transformer. The result has been the LEDs lighting, but very rapidly blinking on/off (just the LEDs, not the solid remote relay).
As a check, the LEDs were attached directly to the transformer as well as through a typical wall light switch…where both tests successfully activated the LEDs. Any suggestions? Thanks

Our 202U relay is just a simple on/off switch, and 12v AC should work just fine.

Maybe the problem is the power supply? can you try use a separate power supply for 202U receiver (if you’re currently using shared power supply).

I am indeed using a single supply for both the switch and the lights. I will try your suggestion and let you know what happens - Thank You

The problem has been corrected by using a separate power supply for the switch. Really appreciate your assistance. Thank You

Thank you for letting me know.

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