Wireless translator to go from a 319mhz Qolsys remote to your 433mhz receiver?


I am using the 202U relay to control a door strike and it’s working great. I also have a Qolsys security system and would like to program the “*” (star) button on that key fob to buzz the door rather than adding another keyfob to my key ring. Unfortunately, Qolsys operates on 319.5 mhz frequency. I found this translator (https://resolutionproducts.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/11/RE524X_RE524XC_47-0014-00_RevB_Web-4.pdf) that can translate 319.5 (Qolsys) to 433.92 mhz (DSC) systems (and others). Would this translator work to translate a Qolsys remote signal to one that can be programmed to the 202U receiver?

Thank you!


Hi Frank,

I just checked the datasheet, but unfortunately it seems our receiver is not supported (since our receiver uses rolling code, it can’t just be triggered by ‘any’ 433.92mhz signal).

I’m not sure how your Qolsys system works, but is it possible to program * to Qolsys’s spare relays, then use it to trigger our remote (acts as a translator), then our receiver?

Or is it possible to do this the other way round, use our receiver’s relay to trigger your Qolsys’s manual terminal (if it has one), then just use our keyfob?


Thanks for your response. I am not very technical in this regard, what do you mean by “program * to Qolsys’s spare relays, then use it to trigger our remote”? I can probably program * to close an normally open relay on the Qolsys panel, but how can I trigger your remote with that? Do you have a remote that does that and can be hardwired this way?

Also, if the star key generates a rolling code (I am assuming, don’t know for sure), wouldn’t that code just be passed through the translator, the MHz are just transport for the code and the translator doesn’t change any codes. I found one of these translators for cheap on eBay, will try it out and see if I can get it to work somehow and let you know.

Thank you for your help!!

I was thinking if Qolsys has a spare relay that you can control with *, then it is possible use that relay to control our remote’s button terminals, then our receiver.

I understood the translator just change the frequency, but the problem is, our receiver is not compatible with the ‘rolling code generated by your Qolsys system’.

Basically there are many rolling codes exist, and they’re not compatible with each other.

The only thing in common is that, the transmitted codes changes every time (rolling).


Thank you, William. Unfortunately the Qolsys relays can only be used for hardwired sensors, i.e., a normally closed sensor will trigger an alert when opened. According to Qolsys, you cannot trigger anything on their relays from their keyfob. Oh, and the star key (*) doesn’t do anything while the light bulb key controls a Z-wave device, but only on certain panels (not mine).

I guess we will have to use two remotes…

Thanks again!