WiFi Receiver

I have 3 units that I bought sometime ago and my question is any hard copy manual beside the video?
i would like to see the Pin out description about this board please,
the second question is how many unit I can manage with one Iphone? it’s possible to connect more than one receiver with no interfering?

I’ll appreciate your input



Yes, we have a simple manual uploaded to Scribd, link is as follows.


Each relay has two terminals output, they’re normally open.

Right now, you can manage as many units as you want, there is no hard coded limit, and yes, you can connect more than one receiver, they won’t interfere with each other.

Sorry your post is missing due to database error…

The Scribd link is broken, I have uploaded to another site, see link below


As for the incorrect password problem, it seems there is some compatibility issue with certain iOS firmware, do you have an Android phone or tablet, so you can setup via Android? after you successfully connect Node wifi receiver to your home router, your iPhone will be able to control via router without problem.