What remote do I buy to replace a "Solidremote TX-102"

I need to replace some garage/gate door remotes.

My garage door is a GDO 9 v3 and my gate is something (but I don’t know). The GDO has a separate board attached to the top so I don’t believe it’s a PX5. My guess is the original installers modded it so that it could be on the same technology as the front gate?

I’ve tried PX5 and PX4 remotes and they both don’t work now - so now I’m looking for confirmation before I waste more money.

I looked inside the current remote and it says Solidremote TX-102 - is someone able to guide me please on what remote I should be searching for that is compatible?

This model is customized made for one customer, we stopped making them many years ago.

Please ask your seller for more information, they might have replacement solutions.

Do you mind sharing a bit more about these? Could I look for a specific ‘technology’ to buy a replacement remote? e.g. PX4 or some sort of Mhz or something?

I remember it is 433mhz rolling code, but not PTX4.

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