Using wire terminal.

I feel really silly for posting this… I can’t seem to feed wire into any of the terminal ports… I loosened the tightening screw all the way and see no place to insert the wire. The silver tab in the small window does not change (open). Please advise.


Sorry for the inconvenience, our green terminals are designed for 22-12AWG wire with min. 6mm stripped

Please first remove the wires connected to terminal, and using screwdriver to change screws bothways, will silver tab move?

If the silver tab didn’t move, will other terminals work?

Please let me know, thanks.

No… NONE of the silver tabs move out of the way to insert a wire.

That’s weird, because if the terminal is broken, there is no chance that all of them are broken…

I’ve taken a photo of terminals, showing the opened and closed tabs.

Would you please take a photo for me as well?

For photos upload, please use image upload website, such as or and then post the image link here.

Hi William… Here is my DropBox link that contains the images of the unit.


  1. I was very surprised seeing your terminal pic. The two terminals are very different. I wish I’d been sent what you are showing.
    As you suggested, I opened the two power terminals (2 on the left side) and kept the other closed so you could see the difference. As you can see there is no difference. There is no way to insert wire into mine.

  2. I also included 2 pics showing the broken antenna connection joint. Terrible soldering.

I look forward to your response and solution.



Hello Ralph,

I see the photo, I’m terribly shocked by it, it is 100% our fault.

The unit is faulty, as the wire terminals are soldered backwards, I just called factory staff to address the issue.

In the meanwhile, please don’t hesitate to return the item (mark the item as faulty) and get your full refund.

It is a terrible mistake (actually I never came across it before), I have asked them to do quality check strictly to avoid the problem in future.

About the soldering, it seems the unit is from our very early batch, I’m not sure why it’s just sold, now we improved it and I think the future will be much better.

I just took some photos of the most recent batch (will be available in several days), they’re better than the previous ones.

Our 202U v3 is on its way to warehouse, and includes improved power module, and more strict receiver sensitivity check, as part of our long term commitment.

Sorry for the trouble caused and the time wasted, and let me know if you have other questions, and if you’re not happy with the return/refund solution.

Thank You for point the problem, otherwise I might still not know about it. Your post matters for our product improvement. Thank You.

Kind Regards,

Hi William…

Well,… it’s nice to know I wasn’t going crazy…

May I suggest an alternate solution… Instead of me going through the hassle of packing this unit up, sending it back, requesting a refund and then reordering… Why don’t you just convince someone there to ship one of the new V3 units you mentioned directly. Like you, I would think that your management would understand the justification considering everything that has transpired.



Hi Ralph,

You mean ship directly from China factory? I can do that, just the shipping time is very long (I’m not sure of small packet shipping time these days, I think it would be between 15-25 days), and battery has to be removed I think…

Anyway, you can choose whatever is best for you, and I will do it.


Hi William…

Yes… Please send a replacement unit from China (hopefully the V3 version if available). I don’t mind waiting for it as the project it was intended for is not a priority.

Finally… Thanks for the great support. I plan to write a supportive review and highlight how you took care of the problem.

Here’s my address:

Hi Ralph,

Sure I will arrange to send one V3 kit from factory, and check thoroughly before send.

Since it’s now Qing Ming holidays in China, so will send on Apr 5th, will send tracking number later.

I just did what I should do, your feedback really helps our product improvement, we’re lucky to have you as customer.

I have removed your address as it’s sensitive information and the forum is public, please send your address and contact number (courier needs it) to our email , thank you.

Thanks and let me know if you have other questions.

Kind regards,

HI William…

Great… As requested, I included my address and contact number to the gmail address your specified.

Let me know if you need anything else.


Thanks Ralph, got it and replied you via email.

I will mark the topic as resolved, and we can chat via email if you need anything in future.

Kind regards,