Using A and B to control bi-directional pump

I have a v6 wireless controller, and need to connect to a 3-wire reversing hydraulic pump controller. Green for one direction, blue for the other, red for common, both buttons operating in momentary setting.

I can program the buttons to operate the pumps correctly, but only if I disconnect the COM wire and move it to the required relay.

Where do I need to jumper the COM wire so that it’s available to either NO wire? In my previous wireless controller, I just wired green/red/blue to one relay, and it worked fine.

I think this is due to our relay is dry contact, that doesn’t output power.

You can jump wires like the sample below, the sample is for led strip, but it should be similar as your application.


Thanks… I could see how that would support on/off, but I need to have the remote control bi-directional operation of the motor. Blue/red for one direction, green/red for the other. Is there another type of relay that I need for this?

Since you’re controlling a controller, not the motor itself, so I think the controller just need a on/off signal?

I checked your question again,
it seems you can solve the problem by simply connect our two relays’ COMs (COM1&COM2) together.

I mean, the blue is one on/off signal, the green is another, and they share common ground red.

OK… I tried that yesterday unsuccessfully, but just realized that I should the other 2 wires connected to NO poles. I had one on NO #1 and the other on NC#2. Adding the jumper on COM and wiring the other 2 wires to NO solved the problem… thanks!

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