Use 202U V6 with other Remotes

as the Solidremote Remotes go defective very fast, and we can only import them from the US, I bought this remote:

How is it possible to connect such a remote to the door opener? Because this type of remotes only can duplicate other remotes, so the garage door opener must send a code and not wait for the remote to send a code for pairing.

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CARS Shipping LLC

I’m afraid our 202U receiver only works with our remotes TX134.

It is a rolling code remote, that can’t be copied using the remote in the link.

I think maybe you can try other receivers, which work with more type of remotes (such as those using fixed code, and learning code, and can be copied).


Hello William,

thank you for the fast response!

Is it possible to supply a bigger amount of this TX134 remotes to the UAE?
We need like up to 20 remotes.


Sorry I asked, but we are not able to do that.
Maybe try other supplier’s receiver is a better idea.

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