Unable to program second remote

I was able to program the first remote no problem but I am getting no response from the receiver with the second remote. leds on remote and receiver are both lighting as they should. am i missing a step to program a second remote?

Which receiver? is it 202U or 402U?

i have the 202U V6c receiver. to explain further the receiver enters the program mode when the button is held and lights the led but does not blink to confirm when remote button is pressed, as if the remote is not transmitting properly.

When you press & hold button on remote, does the led steady on or blinks?
If it blinks, the remote might be in 402U mode.

The led on the remote I can’t get working blinks when a button is held, the working remote stays steady on.

I have found the video on changing the working mode but cant get it to change. led still blinks

For current remotes shipped with V6, the working mode change is by
Simultaneously press & hold buttons C+D on remote for approx. 3 seconds until led flashes.
Then press button A to change.

that worked, thank you

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