U202 V6 Programming Question

What does “during boot setting” mean on page 8 of U202 V6 manual?

I believe it refers to when the device is powered up. So you begin with the power OFF. Set the appropriate DIP Switches and possibly the PRG1 and PRG2 conditions, and then power up the device. You may then have to change settings after the boot-up process, depending on your desired configuration.

I am now trying to figure things out myself, so my explanation is subject to correction.

I believe the boot-up process should have also been explained clearly in the manual. After all, it only needs to be included once. I myself am hoping for some assistance to program a similar device. Step-by-step instructions for all of the nice features of this device should have been included in the manual.

Good luck!

Thanks. I had to replace my device that I originally installed to open and close a chicken coop door remotely in 2021. The remote stopped being acknowledged by the receiver. New remote solved the problem but I’d forgotten the setup procedure.
The instructions are vague about when dip switches are in effect. I think I’ve concluded that pulse time setting applies after remote programming completed but still not sure. ??

If you still have the old remote, you can try William’s solution - Troubleshooting 202U v5 Receiver with TX134.

Try the video tutorials.

With the old remote, the receiver programming light would not do anything - it just stays on until the 25 second timeout.

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