TX134 Remotes Won't Change Mode

I purchased a 402U Rev. B and two extra remotes through Amazon (they shipped separately). The remotes that came with the 402U paired with no problem. The two extra remotes will not change to the TrioAES mode. I’ve watched videos, read instructions, got new batteries, and still all I get is a solid red light after reinserting the battery and releasing the C button.

My remotes don’t have K2 by the C button, but do have an S2 by it. The remote is marked F4 and V4. What do I need to do to change the mode on these remotes?

I found the instructions below in another post and fixed my problem.

Please try steps below.

  1. Press & hold both buttons C+D on remote for about 3 seconds, until led flashes.
  2. Press & hold button A, the led should turn off immediately.
  3. Mode switched, try on receiver. (also the led will flash when button hold down, instead of led turn on steady).

Yes, the mode switch method changed since 2019.

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