Tx134 remotes for 202u kit— how do I program them?

I have a 202U kit that came with two remotes. The 202U transmitter is attached to the garage door and it is working. How do I get the two remotes with a, B, C, D to activate and communicate with the transmitter? There’s no instructions on how to do that with my kit.

We have video below on how to program remotes, hope it helps.


Thank you william
I follow the procedures and got one remote of the two that came in the package to program. But the second remote is giving me trouble. So I erased all of the codes and started over in the first remote no problem the second remote still will not program. Any ideas? I did change the battery in the second remote to see if that was the issue but no the light still flashes so it’s not a battery issue. Thank you

It seems the remotes have switched to TrioAes mode (flashing led during button press).
Please follow the steps below to switch back.

  1. Press buttons C+D together for 3 seconds until led blinks.
  2. Release all buttons.
  3. Press & hold button A for 1-2 seconds (more is ok, but 1-2 seconds should be enough).
  4. Release all buttons.
  5. Wait for 5-10 seconds.
  6. Try program to receiver again.


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