TX134 Remote as Gate Keypad Transmitter

I connected wires from the NO relay terminal on my gates keypad and soldered to the button on a tx134 keyfob. When someone enters the correct code on the gate keypad the relay simulates a 1 second button press on the tx134 keyfob and opens our security gate.

This works perfectly for 1-5 days before the coincell battery dies and the led starts flashing. It seems simply connecting to the NO relay terminals on the keypad is leeching power through the remotes button contact pads. I considered putting a bigger 3v battery on the keyfob but the coincell should be sufficient for many months/years of operation when only used every other week or so.

Any ideas why the tx134 battery is draining so quickly in this setup? Is there a better transmitter for this purpose? Not being electronics savvy I assume there may be something I could soldier in line to prevent voltage loss from the tx134s button terminals.


I’m thinking maybe the long wire from your control board to tx134 may have some continuous interference that cause our tx134 randomly wakes up from sleep, and consume power?

Maybe make the wire shorter will help?

Also you can observe the current consumption using a multimeter etc, and quickly identify the problem, when sleeping (idle), our tx134 should be around 1uA or so.

Thanks for your quick response on this. I don’t have my multi-meter handy to check uA right now but I did recall seeing 3v present at the tx134 button terminals/pads previously.

I think your assessment of continuous interference is correct. I replaced the long wires with direct solder pins allowing the tx134 a much cleaner direct mount to the gate keypad pcb. I will give this a try let you know if I have further trouble.

Thanks again!