Tx134 programming or clearing

Have a remote programmed to two 202u devices. One no longer working. How can I clear the buttons on the remote to use with another 202u purchased. The new remotes linked but the existing remote not linking.

You don’t need to clear programming on remotes.

You can only clear programming & reprogram on receivers.

When trying the add the transmitter to the new receiver it is not working.
The remotes that came with the kit added with no issue. When I try to add either button C or D on the previous remote nothing happens.

Maybe the old remote is bought with V5 receiver?
If so, it doesn’t work with new receiver.

Yes the old receiver is V5 and the remote is V3.
Can the new V4 remotes be cloned to universal remote?

So the new remotes will work on the V5 receivers but the old remotes would not work on the V6 receivers?

Sorry the V4 remotes can’t be cloned.
And old remotes doesn’t work with new receivers V6.


But the new remotes can work with v5 receivers?

Yes, new remotes work with both old & new receivers.

Thanks for the info.

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