TX-134 Remotes - The v5/v6 Shell Game

I see that TX-134 remotes shipped with 202U v5 and older are NOT compatible with 202U v6. (In my opinion this is appalling - but let’s leave that for now.)

My question is: Since their physical appearance and labeling are identical(!) in every way, how does one tell the difference between a “new” TX-134 remote and an “old” TX-134 remote?

According to our engineer, the software key is changed.

I have a similar issue, V6 kit but the spare! remotes i just ordered look like V3.

There some kind of upgrade program to address the incompatibility?

Firmware image and a program/instructions to upgrade them?!



Please contact on Amazon to solve this problem.

It shouldn’t happen, because all our spare remotes after Sep 21th should work with both V5 & V6.

Thanks for the quick reply! I’m afraid I don’t understand the answer. I will be sure to mark them somehow in the future, but right now I’ve got several remotes, some programmed, some not, and all look exactly alike. If I select one at random how do I determine if it is a TX-134 V6 and will work with everything, or a TX-134 V5 that won’t work with a V6 receiver?

Sorry for the trouble, we will modify the text on back cover to distinguish between old & new remotes.

Right now, please follow the steps below to check if a remote is new or old.

Press C+D on remote simultaneously for ~ 3 seconds,
New) The led will be off first, then flashes, at that time, you can press C or D to exit.
Old) The led will keep on no matter how long you press them.

Please let me know if it helps, thanks.

Perfect! That’s just the ticket. Thank you, very much.

Now, let’s talk about special “trade up” pricing on v6 remotes for those of us who love your products, but can’t have a bunch of remotes that will work with some receivers and not others… :slightly_smiling_face:

Would you please contact on Amazon for order related issues? since this forum is about technical q&a.

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