Two 202u v6, one power supply

I have one 202u and wired it to my garage door opener, all works great to open and close the door. My opener is a commercial one that has open/close/stop, but the 202u is 2 channel and I’m using one channel to open and one channel to close, so I believe I need another 202u to get the needed third channel to give me a STOP button on my remote. (remote has A/B/C/D, so think one remote is still fine) Am I thinking correctly and my proposed setup is ok or is there a better way to do this?

Can I piggyback the power to another 202u using just one power supply?

Yes you are correct, you will need 2 receivers to provide up to 4 output signals.
And yes, one remote can work with multiple receivers.
One power supply is perfectly fine as long as it can provide the power 202u needs.

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