Tryijng HomeLink Again

I’ve been reading the posts and trying to figure out if I can make the HomeLink transmitter in my 2019 Audi work with the solidremote. I’ve been doing a bunch of debugging, but I think I’m stuck and seeing if anyone has a suggestion.

I recently bought the 202Uv6 solid remote with two tx134 transmitters. My car has HomeLink (compatibility level 7) with a digital interface (touch sensitive screens).

If I start fresh and program a “button” (touch the square on the screen) it tells me to press and hold the button the remote. That doesn’t seem to work. I’ve found I can get it to recognize it if I repeatedly push the button, rather than just hold it which seems a bit odd.

A note at his point is that I have button A on the remote sync’d with the receiver and it works fine. I’ve been pressing button B for this exercise to avoid confusion and repeatly opening and closing my garage door.

At this point the HomeLink thinks it is done, but since it hasn’t been sync’d with the solid remote I wouldn’t expect it to work and it doesn’t. I believe the solid remote is using 433mhz, and it appears that the HomeLink can at least recieve that or I wouldn’t get to this point.

If I edit the button in HomeLink there’s an option to reprogram it. Long pressing on that gives me the option to change the programming and use ‘UR’ or ‘D’ mode. I don’t really understand the difference, but both of them give me the option to synchronize with a receiver, so that seems like an improvement.

The process for either mode is the same. It says to hit sync on the receiver, then press the homelink button on the display twice for two seconds. Then it asks if the garage door works (it doesn’t), and then it tells me to do it again. Eventually it says it failed and asks me if I want to retry. I’ve tried both UR and D.

When I pressed the sync button the receiver the programming light goes solid red. If I quickly jump in the car and hit the home link button twice (the garage door not moving) I can get back to the receiver and see that the light remains solid red. So it seems that the receiver isn’t getting the codes from the car.

That’s as far as I’ve gotten. Any idea if I should be using “regular”, “UR”, or “D” mode. Any other suggestions?

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