Traffic Control Device switch

I have several KIT1 version 5. I need to switch both relays with a button (A) and remain on until switched off with any other button. NO TIMER. I have figured out how to do most of this but it always shuts the relays off over a period of time. I have printed the Internet instructions for V5 and can’t seem to figure this out. There is no load and there will not be any load. The battery power supply powers the remote only.

Please help.

Hi Kurt,
Can you please let me know the dip switches config?
For no-timer operation, the DIP 3 should be kept off.

I think you can use hold(toggle) mode, and assign button(A) to both relays 1&2.
Then press A once the relays on, press A again the relays off.

  • Also please make sure the battery is enough for long time relay on operation, since when relays are on, our receiver will drain about @ 170mA continuously.

Please let me know, thanks.