Tesla S for rolling code learning

Just got a 202U v6 receiver and pair of TX134 transmitters. Works fine alone. I understand the system is not HomeLink compatible except with a few cars, such as a Tesla Model 3. I have a Model S that says it works with rolling code receivers, but I can’t get this receiver to learn the codes.

What about the Model 3 allows it to work while the Model S doesn’t, or am I doing something wrong? I did get the car to learn the transmitter, or at least it acknowledged that it did. Thanks.

I’m afraid the compatibility is still very limited, and it might not work on your Model S right now.

We’re working on that, and I think we can improve compatibility greatly later this year.

Thanks. Is there a way for this product to just function like an old, dumb garage remote? That’s what I’m replacing (one from >30 years ago which failed), and our HomeLink car transmitters work on those.

If not, I don’t mind using the product’s transmitters and may have an alternate solution to work in tandem with the Solidremote.

That’s what we’re trying to do, we’re currently working on that (to make 202u work with most car homelink systems in the US).

We’ve already made some changes to receiver since Version 6, and our engineer thinks we still need to do some modification to the learning transmitter, then the whole system should be ready.


That’s great to hear. Thanks again!

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