Tennis Ball Machine Hack

I have the wireless remote 202U with 2 switches and I will be using it to control a tennis ball machine.

My tennis ball machine has multiple motors:

  1. Ball feeding - I’d like to be able to turn this on/off with the push of 1 button

  2. Elevation - this controls the height of the ball and I would like to be able to control it to adjust up and down with the push of 2 buttons (reverse polarity would be needed).

How could I wire the unit for these 2 separate functions?

Since our receiver only have 2 relays on board, so you can only either control ball feeding (use one relay) or control elevation (use both relays).

So you will need 2 receivers (total 4 relays) to do this, or check other suppliers for 4-ch receivers.

Sounds good. Would I be able to purchase another switch receiver without additional remote controllers?

I’m afraid only the kit with remotes is available.

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