Sudden proximity response collapse


I have been using a 202U V5 wireless relay switch for my 2 garage doors successfully for about 3 years using multiple remotes in two cars. The range has been excellent.  As of yesterday I was able to consistently open my garage doors from 400 feet away.  Suddenly today both remotes stopped working.

I have tried the following:
1. Checked voltage on power adapter - it was stable 12 volts output
2. I discovered that if I placed the remote very close to and in front of the relay switch the doors might sometimes open.
It seemed unlikely but I investigated whether perhaps the remotes battery’s (albeit on two different remotes simultaneously?) suddenly got very weak.
3. So I changed the battery’s on both my remotes. Still got very sporadic operation that was successful only at very close proximity.
4. I tried reprogramming the remote buttons but discovered that after pressing PRG1 (or PRG2) and then pressing the remote button I did not reliably get the three flashing lights. If I tried multiple times I would very occasionally get the 3 flashing lights. This was happening even with fresh battery’s.
5. I then tried reverting to factory settings. After resetting I reprogrammed (again with sporadic response from PRG1 and PRG2) the remote buttons. I was back to the same situation. The buttons work but very rarely and only when less than 3 feet from the front of the relay box.

I was thinking of ordering a new power adapter even though it seems to be producing the proper output. I am out of ideas.

Any suggestions are appreciated.


SInce both remotes stopped working at the same time, the problem will be most likely on receiver side.
Maybe you can try using another power supply if you have spare units around.

I’m thinking, maybe, the receiver module on 202u went defective somehow.

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