SR-RCS-202U version history

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Version History - A Long Term Product Improvement Commitment

202U 2-channel wireless receiver unit (RX)

202U V1 - 2012.1 Product initial release
202U V2 - 2013.5 Uses switching power supply unit and superheterodyne RF module
202U V2 - 2014.1 Minor PCB bottom track changes with soldering window to increase maximum current rating to 10A.
202U V3 - 2017.4 Power supply unit redesign for better stability and efficiency, as well as wider input voltage range. Implemented new testing procedure to improve RF module sensitivity consistency in batch production.
202U V4 - 2017.8 Receiver module redesign for better sensitivity and stability, the new receiver module is SolidAdvantage B1 model.
202U V4.1 - 2017.9 Receiver module mounting structure minor change to improve manufacturing quality.
202U V4.2 - 2017.10 Receiver module changed from 6pins to 8pins, to further improve sensitivity & quality.
202U V5a - 2017.12 Major design change, introduced more working modes, timed output capability as well as many usability improvements.
202U V5b - 2017.12 Manufacturing change, not affects end users.

TX-114 remote control transmitter (TX)

TX-114 V1 - 2012.5 Product initial release
TX-114 V2 - 2014.5 Minor Changed circuit board layout for buttons
TX-114 V3 - 2016.9 Complete redesign to use latest all-in-one technology for better quality and regulatory conformance, uses 1pcs CR2032 battery instead of 2pcs CR2016 batteries in previous versions.
TX-114 V3 - 2017.5 Minor Changed circuit board layout to better fit the enclosure, and improve overall button press feeling. As well as slight wireless performance improvement.

  • As of 2017.9, the TX-114 model is replaced by more advanced TX-134 model below.

TX-134 remote control transmitter (TX)

TX-134 V1 - 2017.9 Product initial release, with FCC ID: 2AM5F-TX134

† Above date indicates manufacturing date in factory, due to transit and warehouse stock time, full stock refresh may take up to 2 months. During revision change period, the product delivered might be either old or new revision.